Enterprise Information Management

The most successful businesses are the ones that find a way to manage and use the ever-increasing volume of data an enterprise generates. A variety of Enterprise Information Management tools are available from SAP and other vendors to assist organizations in this process.

iStrat’s focus in the Enterprise information space is on leveraging the SAP Data Service tool to enable effective Extract Transform and Load (ETL)/Data Integration and Data Quality capabilities as we guide you through the various phases in transforming you into a high performing business analytics organization.

Enterprise Performance Management

As your organization moves along the business analytics maturity spectrum, the effective use of various tools to plan and monitor enterprise performance becomes a key requirement of a good business analytics strategy.

At iStrat our enterprise performance Management offering is centered around three products from the SAP EPM suite.
– Business planning and consolidations (BPC)
– Spend Performance Management (SPM)
– Supply Chain Performance Management (SCPM)

These three products will enable your organization to complete operational and capital planning as well as monitor and respond to risks and opportunities in your procurement and overall supply chain areas.

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