At iStrat Analytics we are focused on providing SAP Business Analytics consulting services to enterprises of various sizes across multiple industry sectors.  Specializing in SAP consulting and solutions, we are a member of the SAP Extended Business Program and SAP Development programs. We are committed to providing our clients with innovative and strategic analytic solutions that will act as a differentiator to excel in a fast paced and dynamic business landscape.

Our ability to fulfill our commitment to our clients is enabled by strong ties to our partners and our focus on our employees. At iStrat Analytics we foster a business environment that promote employee contribution and recognition, and ties the prosperity of our employees to the success of the company.

We are true to our core values. We Innovate, Strategize, Integrate, and Optimize. We adhere to the highest possible level of integrity and are governed by customer focused, professional and ethical standards. Our loyalty to our clients, employees and partners are second to none. Our approach to teamwork and inclusiveness sets us apart from our competitors.